Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hi. Phantom here.

I made a visit to the Vet, Dr. Lynn Boggs, today for the last of my puppy shots. Karyn was her assistant and she was very nice. Since I also had a ear infection, Dr. Boggs put some medicine in my ear. I'll feel better having all this behind me.

Speaking of behind me... What is she doing? Oh no it's shot time!

My foster mom works at the Vet clinic (Griffith Small Animal Hospital) . This is her office and I stay here while she works.

After work,my foster mom and I went to the HEB to get some groceries. I was a very good boy, only surfed the floor a couple of times! My mom says I am getting better at walking next to the cart. The people that we see every week there say I am getting big and being a very good boy.

Tomorrow, I am going to go visit Melissa's work Everyone that works with her are very excited to meet me. I sure hope they give me some treats!!

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