Monday, October 27, 2008

Hi, my name is Phantom and I am a guide dog in training. I live in Austin, Texas with my foster family. This is a picture of me and my big brother Floyd. He's teaching me all kinds of things, some good and some I am sure my foster mom would say is bad! I was born 22 June 2008 in upstate New York then arrived at the Schermerhorn house on 30 September. My Foster Mom and Dad say I am very cute.

This is a picture of my foster parents Phillip and Sharon holding me and my very own sponsors, Richard and Anne Hilton . Thank-you for being there for me. I will try to make you proud of me. I will study hard and learn all the great guide dog things.

We had a training session at the facility on Saturday 25 October. Almost all the Guide dog puppies were there. We got to check out Dot, a very tasty...I mean sweet cat. We were supposed to be very good, but Dot got mauled a little, but was quite a trooper. Thanks Dot!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When I grow up I want to be like Johnny!

Johnny is our next dog to graduate! Phantom wants to grow up and be just like him, he has a LOT of learning to do! But we know he can do it!