Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last Saturday, we all went to San Antonio for training at Guide Dogs of Texas. What fun...Or so I thought.

First of all, we walked from hoop - to hoop - to hoop. No one could seem to decide where we should really be sitting.

Next, I had to squeeze my XL frame into a space designed for miniature poodle. I managed to get in there but it is not easy.

While I was working, slacker Floyd was was hanging out with his new friends.

Oh joy. Now we get to do the same exercise again on a bunch of chairs set up to mimic getting on a bus. I saw several pups fall out the windows...Hope they can run fast.

This was a down stay exercise. I appear to be doing pretty darn good. Actually, they work me so hard I could't move a muscle. I was tired...done...finished...kaput...on empty...down for the count...drained. (I think that's just about all the thesaurus had.) I'm calling it a day!

I hear you laughing! Come on! Haven't you ever heard of a second wind?

Woooo Hoooo, play time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Webb Middle School Doesn't Want My Help:-(

Dad and I volunteered with the Partners in Math program to help 8th grade students at Webb Middle School with Math. O noble cause for such a noble dog as myself.

Dad and I took a class to prepare us for the program. The instructor thought I was amazing.

Unfortunately, we won't be helping out after all. Rey Garcia, the Principle at the school, said that "dogs would be to distracting to 8th graders" and turned down our offer to help.

Maybe we can find a worthy cause that wants my assistance.

So, who's distracted now?

I'm over the let down now because my friend Coral, the Guide Dog, stopped by to cheer me up.

That was fun...Now, time for a break.