Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Phantom here, Happy Thanksgiving!... Although, I was a little disappointed this morning. I stayed awake all night waiting for a turkey to slide down the chimney and nothing. Then, Floyd clued me in..."Wrong Holiday kid."

Sorry for not writing earlier, but Ive been very busy going to all kinds of places to help me learn to be a "GREAT GUIDE DOG!"

Today we went to the matinee showing of the Changeling. I peeked between the chairs a couple times, but decided a nap would be more beneficial to me. Yes, I was good, I didn't even eat any popcorn off the floor! Again, Floyd clued me in, "Avoid matinees. The floors are always too clean, grasshopper." Maybe that's what helped me be good!

This is Coral.

She's a real working Guide Dog! She's staying with us for a few days, while her owner is in the hospital. Coral is telling me all about being a good Guide Dog. We do get to play a little too, but I am learning a lot from her.

After the movie, we came home and Coral and I got to go for a nice walk.

This is a close up picture of my friend Coral, Mom says she has a very expressive face. I'm not sure what that is but hope I have one too!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Week

Hi, Phantom here, this is my sister Melissa and me. I know we don't look alike...she is taller. Last Friday, I went with her to work, and everyone thought I was a very good puppy.

This is Melissa's office. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy it because she made me work all day!
We even went to a meeting and I slept through it...OK, so she gave me one break.

This is another brother, Oliver. He's in big dog school. He had eye surgery and came to stay with us for two weeks. In this shot, he and I are hanging out and taking it easy...Something I don't get to do often.

You'll never guess where we went on Sunday?

Wow, you're pretty smart. Sea World! Yea !!

We got to go in the back and see the Walrus and Seals up close. Thanks to Mongo aka Steve and Scott! Up close they are actually kind of cute...really, really bad breath...but cute.

These guys are really cute. I like them even better up close, and I think they liked me too!

This is Melissa and me looking at the seals...

Take my word, there are seals in there somewhere.

Oh, here is one now begging for food...How degrading.

Besides, Mom only had dog treats and there all for me! Give me one...give me one...pleeeease give me one.

After the Shamu show, we were asked if we wanted to meet the Killer Whales up close.

Sea World likes for their animals get to see other kinds of animals, so this was good for all of us.

Wow these guys are really big...but killers? They look like a bunch of pussy cats on the other side of that 10" thick bullet proof/killer whale proof glass.

Wow, this has been a long day. In this shot, I am dreaming sweet...I mean thinking deeply about all the neat animals I got to see today.

Before we left, we got to see the Dolphins. They made funny squeaky noises at us.

It was a lot of fun to watch them begging for fish...although very undignified.

Oh yah Mom, what about that treat? Please...Pleeeease...Just one more?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hi. Phantom here.

I made a visit to the Vet, Dr. Lynn Boggs, today for the last of my puppy shots. Karyn was her assistant and she was very nice. Since I also had a ear infection, Dr. Boggs put some medicine in my ear. I'll feel better having all this behind me.

Speaking of behind me... What is she doing? Oh no it's shot time!

My foster mom works at the Vet clinic (Griffith Small Animal Hospital) . This is her office and I stay here while she works.

After work,my foster mom and I went to the HEB to get some groceries. I was a very good boy, only surfed the floor a couple of times! My mom says I am getting better at walking next to the cart. The people that we see every week there say I am getting big and being a very good boy.

Tomorrow, I am going to go visit Melissa's work Everyone that works with her are very excited to meet me. I sure hope they give me some treats!!