Sunday, January 25, 2009

Phantom finds

Hi, Phantom here.
Boy time flies when your having fun...I mean working hard.

Today we went to watch the 3M Half Marathon. My friend, Omar from Dad's work, was running and I was excited to see him.

Lots and lots of people were running by. It looked like so much fun I tried to run along but Dad said, "SIT!"

Later, we went to the mall to do some finds. Dad and I found a nice fountain to sit by for a few minutes.

I wanted to go for a swim but I didn't even try. I figured Dad would say, "SIT!"

"Step ups" are an important part of my training. I'm supposed to put my front feet up on the first step and wait to go.

This one is a picture perfect if I do say so myself.

Next, I found the boy's room all by myself. Since I've never been to this mens room before and I went right to it, Mom and Dad were very proud.

Yea for me!!!!

In this shot, Dad asked to find a seat. I guess he's getting old because he asks me to do this one a lot.

I took Mom for a walk down the stairs that are over the water. Last time I was here it seemed scarey, but today...No problem!

Mom asked me to find a trash can at least 10 times! She either has a lot of stuff to throw away or a thing for trash cans.

I am going home to rest now. Bye.