Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Day at work with the City of Austin

I'm back...

6:00AM -- This is me arriving at my job with the City of Austin bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to help build web pages.

6:30AM -- I've already settled in for a hard days work.

10:00AM -- Here I'm taking a moment to supervise Dad and request my mid-morning snack.

12:00PM -- After a full morning of work, I finally get to take a break at the Dog Park a block away.

I love to meet and greet people and other dogs at the park.

12:15PM -- This is me when it's time to leave.

12:30PM -- I'm back at work, ready for a ruff afternoon.

1:00PM -- Work, work, work...Am I ever going to get a break?

2:30PM -- Time to go already? Time really flys when your working hard.


  1. SO cute! ahhh the hard life of a guide dog in training

  2. Hope they're paying you enough for all that hard work, Phantom!