Monday, May 25, 2009

Hi, Phantom here! yes,after 4 long months. Mom and Dad have been busy and I have been very busy learning how to be a good guide dog puppy. I am now 11 months old, so I have one more month to act like a crazy puppy,then I will be a big boy! We had a training session at Cabala's today with Michelle. I am still very dog crazy , so when I saw this gorgeous Black Lab, I went crazy!!!!!!! Turns out it was just a stuffed dog! Why is that little boy hugging the stuffed animal and not me!

Dad is asking me to find the button, I am such a good boy.

Mom, me, and Michelle going for a walk.
Melissa and I going for a Walk. I am really working hard today.

Michelle is helping me with the door.

Melissa my big sister. I get to go to work every Friday with her.
Here are some pictures of Guide Dogs Of Texas 09 Splash day. Yes mom dressed me up! I think I was the only dog with clothes on! Next year someone hide the clothes!!!!!!!!!
Here I am with some other Guide Dog puppies.

Learning to enjoy the water . Floyd my big brother loved the water, I think he's part fish.

Now this is one cute pup!

Floyd and I having fun in the flowers.

Well by for now, I will try to get mom and dad to keep my blog updated.

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  1. Popped over here from the Guide Dogs site. Amusing posts!