Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seasons Greetings

Hi, Phantom here.

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas.

I'm so cute, I scored invites to several Christmas parties.

This is a picture of me at Melissa's party. I had a great time even if they wouldn't let me near the eggnog.

Here I am with Santa and Melissa.

I can't quite figure out what the big deal is with this chubby guy with a white beard. I hang with somebody like this everyday. Besides, those bells on his pants were not as tasty as they appeared.

Dressed all in fur from his head to his feet...PETA must have a field day with this character.

I had a very busy weekend.

Went to see the movie Marley and Me. At first everyone was laughing about Marley being a bad Dog, then everyone was crying at the end, because Marley was old. Humans are wierd!

Today, Sunday, we went to Cabelas to pick up big brother Oliver. He's staying with us for a couple of weeks.

Mom and Dad thought I needed to work a little. think they must have run a slave ship in a previous life.

Here I am with a moose at the front of the store.

Dad wants me to find the front door. Dah, just follow all the big deal.

Now I am doing a step up, so we can go upstairs.

Have you ever noticed that there is always something tasty or interesting on the second step?

Doing a nice sit, beforg going down stairs. Everyone has to agree, this is one very cute dog!!

Dad and Mom had me in a down-stay and walked away! Hello...Hello!!!...are you missing someone?

Wow, there sure a lot of stairs to go down! I can do it...I can do it!!

Ok? Do I pay attention to the little girl or the cookie crumbs on the floor? Little girl?...cookies?...little girl?...cookies? I took the cookies...wrong choice.

Bye for now, I've worked very hard today.

Nap time!