Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last Saturday, we all went to San Antonio for training at Guide Dogs of Texas. What fun...Or so I thought.

First of all, we walked from hoop - to hoop - to hoop. No one could seem to decide where we should really be sitting.

Next, I had to squeeze my XL frame into a space designed for miniature poodle. I managed to get in there but it is not easy.

While I was working, slacker Floyd was was hanging out with his new friends.

Oh joy. Now we get to do the same exercise again on a bunch of chairs set up to mimic getting on a bus. I saw several pups fall out the windows...Hope they can run fast.

This was a down stay exercise. I appear to be doing pretty darn good. Actually, they work me so hard I could't move a muscle. I was tired...done...finished...kaput...on empty...down for the count...drained. (I think that's just about all the thesaurus had.) I'm calling it a day!

I hear you laughing! Come on! Haven't you ever heard of a second wind?

Woooo Hoooo, play time.

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