Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Fun

Hi! I'm back. I didn't really go anywhere but I have been doing my best to avoid the Austin heat.

You may be wondering why my buddy Floyd and I look so tired.

We'll here is the reason...Jethro. He came to stay with us for a week and we sure had lots of fun, but the boy sure wore us old guys out.

Here's another shot of Jethro playing...He is so immature.

And this is just wrong...He's a German Sheppard but don't expect me to break his heart and tell him he's not a lab.
Finally, even Jethro got tired.


  1. haha. In the third picture it looks like Jethro is trying to eat Phantom! silly dogs.

  2. Jethro will eat anything, Labs are especially tasty :)

  3. Wow, Jethro has grown since I've seen him! Good thing he had Phantom & Floyd to keep him in line.